Background Removal Service

Background Removal Service is likely the most popular among all photos editing service. It is most essential to show your product shinning outlook to draw attention among your audience. Adding a new background that match perfectly with your foreground image can help you to draw attention.

Whether you need white background, transparent background or adding a new background clipping expert idea definitely can help you in this regards. we provide background removal service for our valuable client for many years. It is a process of cutout your image from your original background but think should be minded if it is not going on perfectly your image may confuse visual communication ultimately you may lose your money.


Not only have that in a statistics show that many online consumers don’t want to seen original image. They feel comfortable in white background, so from the point of view of consumer’s e-commerce retailers need to change their product background. Another things also should be concerned don’t accept original/raw image.

Why Clipping Expert Idea?

Clipping Expert Idea


Clipping expert idea never compromise with quality full work. AS poor quality work never able to draw attention from consumers that may ruin our valuable clients business. We believe on win win game. Our expert delivers awesome clipping path services that looks more natural and impress clients.

Clipping Expert Idea


Time is money. We value time greatly. We provide our all services on timely. Therefore, we provide quick quotes, our customer service 24/7 hour open. You can contact us anytime, we reply you as soon as possible. Moreover, we deliver our work before your deadlines.

Clipping Expert Idea


We deliver high quality work, but it doesn’t mean we take more in return. Our services cost is very competitive. Whether you have one image or bulk images, we believe, our prices will be in your budget. Affordable pricing, deliver on time, ensure high quality work takes us one step ahead in this industry.


Clipping Expert Idea

We know the value of your image and if it destroys, how much you will hamper. We assure you, our file transfer system is 100% secured. We can ensure you, your images will be 100% safe and secure. Moreover, we have control on every production related computer. So, it is impossible to misuse your image.


Clipping Expert Idea

We have two step review system after completing your work. Our production quality controller check it ins and outs with requirement of client. After quality controller, team leader check it again to ensure high quality and fulfill of requirement. If everything is ok, production manager check it finally and deliver your work.


What is image background removal?

Background removal from image is a process of cut out the image from its original background (Background that was captured when photo shoot).After isolating image it can be replaced into white background or adding a new background that match perfectly with the foreground image. it can also keep it in transparent .The beauty of transparent background is you can set whatever background you wish to see with this picture .you can test it as many times as you want after satisfying ,you can set its background, the overall control is in your hand.
In online, many torts can be found to remove background from image. Main problem using this tool is, maximum time it fails to remove background perfectly. Clipping expert idea use world’s most renowned tool adobe Photoshop for photo cut out service.

How to remove background from image?

For professional background removal service need professional Photoshop experts, as there are many ways to remove background from image using adobe Photoshop. You verify editors quality became unprofessional editing work may fail drawing consumer/audience attraction to your product/image .The rejoice thing is we have high quality photo editor to do it. Here is remove background tutorial for you, i believe, this tutorial will be helpful for you.


Who needs background removal service?

Graphic agency, web design agency, advertisement agency, e-commerce retailer and professional photographers need professional background removal service. E-commerce retailer gets much beneficiary from this service.


E-commerce retailer and any person who want to sell their product through online e-commerce sites need to remove background. As big e-commerce sites don’t accept raw/original image.
The beauty of changing background is, uniform product will be able to draw consumer attraction.

photo background removal service

photo background removal service

How Clipping Expert Idea Works?

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Request a quote from

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Send us permission letter

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Our production team

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We send you ready image

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When Background removal services need to use:

  • Giving your product eye catching shape that wills draw attention among your audience.
  • To isolate an image from its background.
  • When original background has lightening effect error, spot, unusual object that you do not want to show.
  • To comply with Amazon, e-bay re-commendations.
  • If background draws more attention than your product.
  • To use uniform background for your image.
image background removal service uk

Some of Our Sample Works

background removal services

background removal service

background removal service india

background check removal service reviews

photoshop background removal services

photoshop background removal servicess

Background removal at clipping expert idea

Background removal service is very important in photo editing service. Clipping expert idea provides this service for their valuable client for many years. With the combination of clipping path and advanced masking technique we change the background from image. Clipping path is used for straight edges, we use pen tool to create outline of the image. If images include human hair, fur or fuzzy edges, we use advanced masking technique for removing hair, fur or fuzzy portion from images. We are Photoshop master and our experts do it very carefully. To see our work you can visit our sample work page.

We value our each client. So whether it is single or bulk images, don’t matter to us. We will process your images quickly. Before sending bulk order you can judge our quality simply hitting free trial button.

Some of Our Top Rated Service

CEI has been providing high quality image editing service for many years. Our highly experienced Photoshop expert’s employee woks 24 hour for the better service to our client. Some service below, which are most popular among our client we found.

Clipping Path Service

Clipping patth services is mostly used for removing background from image. CEI provides Photoshop based clipping path service for their client. We use pen tool for clipping path to ensure best quality of work.

Image Masking Service

Image masking service is needed for fuzzy image or image that belongs to hair while removing background from image. Higly experts and advanced masking knoledge is necessary for this work which our designers have abundant.

Color Correction

e-commerce reatiler and fashion photographers needs to show their product in various color and it is time consuming. CEI understand this and provides color correction, color variants service for thier client.

Shadow Effect Service

Shadow creation is mostly needed for unusual and uninviting product like wallet, mobile,key ring and more. Giving a shdow like this nacked product can be huge effective for attracting consumers. CEI provides this service for e-commerce retailer and others.

Photo Retouching Service

CEI provides photo retouching service specially for e-commerce retailer and model photographers. our experts designers remove dust, spot from product or model, also do everything to enhance beautification.

Ghost Mannequin Effect

E-commerce reatilers and product photographers need this service specillay for garments product both gents and laddies. CEI provides this one of the most important photo editing service for their client for long time.

Photo Restoration Service

photo rstoration service is mostly need for those people who want to keep their past memory still live. CEI realise their clients emotion and help their to keep safe and secure their past suitable memory providing photo restoration service.

Vector Conversion Service

In some cases raster images don’t work, clients need to use vector image. CEI provides vector conversion service to solve the problem. our experts use latest programms to convert raster image into vector.

360 Panorama Service

Panorama image stitching service is one of the best image editing service specially for real estate business man.As they need to show thier total project in one view to their client. CEI provides high quality panoramic view photo stitching service.